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Rolemop creates live and digital art for theatre, film, installations, exhibitions, and events. Rolemop Creatives' seek out the most talented, diverse and creative artists for new collaborations.


Glimmers was an interactive digital storytelling Iphone app that we launched during The Brighton Digital Festival 2013.



Have you ever sent an email or a text that never got to the sender? 

Where do all these messages go? 

Did you imagine they are lost in the ether forever?

… what if they aren’t, what if they can be found, across time by passers by, in the areas they were sent from?

Glimmers is a digital storytelling experience, captured moments of communication lost in the ether from various points in the future, flashing and appearing in the present. Participants’ phones are invaded with these flashes and glimpses of broadcasts, phone conversations, pictures and videos lost to the future. As time rolls forward, technology is increasing in seemingly limitless bounds; airwaves are becoming more and more saturated as our dependency on these communications becomes absolute. Life is easier, faster, more effective, but with this dependency we stand to loose more and more when it fails. 

Come and follow these lost moments, broken conversations and communications of events yet to come. We see the destruction these losses caused to the people involved, as messages, information and connections fail to arrive amidst the backdrop of massive social change and environmental upheaval.

Glimmers 2 coming soon ... watch this space!

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